AGE 2021 will pay attention to sonic commonalities at scales. Close listening to the tiniest vibrations of our immediate surroundings can reveal the possibility for multi-species, more-than-human communication. Such listening also reveals the solidifications of ongoing colonial and extractivist stories within sound.

Honouring presence by listening closely, this year we’ll be working with the medium of field recordings in many different forms. There’ll be workshops which allow us time for environmental response, and reflections on the technologically mediated capture of sounds.

Throughout the week, there will be opportunities to experiment, which situate sound in the body, and respond to the spirit of place: expect sound bounced off architecture, cut with layers of folklore and shaped by momentary mood.

We’ll be exploring the bodily affects of listening – the patient effort of receptive stillness, for example, or the percussion of a body receiving intense information. Our capacity for attention is linked to our body’s permeability, and never-ending noise pollution becomes toxic body-burden. How, then, can we cut through the saturation, and hone our ears to be able to enter different frames of reference, perspectives and alternative ways of thinking and being?

For AGE 2021: Sound, Dug Through; we’ll be attending to time compressed by ancestral histories, interrupted by ontological category and resonated by embodiment.

Annual General Exchange 2021: Sound, Dug Through
30th October to 6th November
12 - 4pm arrivals and orientation
PM - reading group or film screening?

11 AM - Sound Bath
AM - Reading group - Sonic agency, by Brandon LaBelle?
PM - Samhain Ritual
8 PM - INNERMOST SANCTUM: late-night talk show come quasi-meditative radio programme on Domes FM:

AM - Vibration Through Tissues: soft science of Fascia
PM - Ways of Listening: Field Recording Workshop
PM - open space for contributions / Transition practices - beyond the break

12PM - NULLA 0 with Lola de la Mata
3.30PM- Semiotics of the Weather
PM - rest and digest
PM - Film screening: Sisters with Transistors?

AM - rest and digest
AM - open space for contributions
PM - DJ Workshop
8 PM - Domes FM broadcast

AM - reading group
AM - open space for contributions
PM - online moment
PM - Your voice is a suspension of time: oral histories archiving

AM - Annual General Meeting
PM - open space for contributions
PM - Lawrence Dunn - work in progress
PM - Bonfire Night Shenanigans

Pre-programmed day with:
* Ashely Holmes
* Dialect (Andrew Hunt)
* Kelly Jayne Jones
* Quieting
PM - Open Decks Session
On Saturday 6th November, four artists working across sound, installation, radio broadcasts and performance will punctuate the programme shaped by stayers.

While people staying for the duration get priority, day users are welcomed for this event. Space is limited so booking is essential!

The lineup:


The maximum number of stayers is 26, and people booking for the whole duration get priority.

There is a sliding scale of nightly fee:
£35 / £25 / £15 per person, per night, dependent on personal funding and resources. Day user rate is £7.50.

This event is communal cooking rather than self-catering. Food contribution is £10 per person per day. Please let us know preferences and any allergies when booking.

To reserve a place, or for any questions:
There will be time for stayers to add, hold-with offer moments during the loose schedule of the AGE. If you’d like to propose something chiming or jangling the thematic, this can be done when you arrive, or drop us a line beforehand.

There are many welcomed forms: workshops, extended conversations, trying out new ideas or working through your practice.

As the week calls us to attend to listening-beyond, there will be an opportunity for stayers to make their own noise, create sound and experiment.

Saturday 30th October
Sunday 31st October
Monday 1st November
Tuesday 2nd November
Wednesday 3rd November
Thursday 4th November
Friday 5th November
Saturday 6th November
AGE Day Event
Ashley Holmes
Kelly Jayne Jones

Andrew PM Hunt (Dialect)


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Day Event