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A school visit to Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre offers pupils an exciting opportunity to explore an autonomous arts space and historical landmark, as well as an enriching curriculum-linked experience. With an emphasis on experimentation, we aim to connect local young people with the culture, heritage and activity surrounding the site. Please see our key stage 1 and 2 education pack for further details on activities, learning outcomes, accessibility and other practical information.

2 day research residency
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A-level art/design students have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of a research residency. Many professional artists undertake residencies as part of their practice. Students will develop a mini research project and get feedback as part of the residency. Two-day residencies can include overnight stays, however students must be supervised guardians & teachers.

Workshop, half a day
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Students visit the dome in Bidston Observatory, hear about the history of the observatory, and how the telescope was used to measure time. This visit includes access to the building and use of a room for half a day.