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23–25 September 2022


day - snag list (cleaning, plastering, sanding, digging)

night - leisure


day - snag list continued (polishing, painting, waxing, planting)

night - pleasure


rest & relax

Overalls Weekend

Stick your name on the list at


On the final weekend of September, we're inviting any folks interested in helping with the extended snag repair list that has built up over the last year here at Bidston Observatory. Dishing out the paintbrushes, feather dusters and screwdrivers - as well as copious hot beverages - we're hoping to get all those jobs done that require a little more focused attention ahead of the colder months. We're talking hard to reach spots like behind the radiators, painting the ceilings that have begun to peel, and doing the big furniture repairs / rearrangements aka THE DEEP CLEAN!

There'll be some carpentry jobs, a fair bit of gardening and more than enough painting to fill a couple days out. We'll kick back in the evenings with some films or music and a big team scran. Free to stay from 10am on Friday 23rd September to Sunday 25th September, we'll run through a couple days of work (Friday/Saturday) with the extended group before enjoying the spoils of our hard work by resting on the Sunday.

We're really not very sure if anyone actually wants to help do the cleaning around here - but it seems fair (read: aspirational) to say that there are only limited spaces available. So if you fancy it - we'll provide meals and beds, if you provide your intentional, loving labour - please send an email and we'll put you down for the weekend.