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Before booking, please read all of the below information, as well as our values and principles to consider your alignment with the practises and values of BOARC.

Main staircase



BOARC is an experiment in communality. Most often, you will be sharing the building with others, and use of work and living spaces is to be negotiated.

Please be considerate of others in your timings and usage of spaces. Blocking off specific rooms isn’t generally encouraged, and might incur extra charges.

To keep the space low cost, BOARC has minimal staff and no cleaners. It’s up to everyone to contribute towards the upkeep of the building, spending 20 minutes a day (or more!) cleaning and giving care to the space where it’s needed. Please care for it as you would your own home and leave it in the best possible state for the next person. There are cleaning stations on each floor and a laundry room for washing your sheets before leaving.


Rooms/facilities available are:

- Large basement space & sub-basement

- Movement / body-based practices room

- Meeting space

- Radio room / recording studio

- Wet studio

- Media Suite

- 2 Domes

- Open roof & weather cabin

- Library

- Large kitchen & main dining area

- Small back kitchen & sitting room

- Courtyard

- Car park + fire pit

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Accommodation & Catering--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BOARC typically has comfy beds for 24 stayers (or 30 if double beds are shared.)

Arrangements can be made for additional beds if necessary.

Rooms range from private double rooms, an accessible ground floor room, family rooms and 3-8 person dormitories.

It is possible you’ll be sharing a dorm room with others. However, all have privacy curtains and we bear work needs in mind when room plans are necessary.

Room allocation is on a first come first served basis unless there are specific access needs. Bedrooms are non-gendered, but if you have particular preferences, we can work out arrangements together.

Duvets, pillows, sheets and towels are provided.

There are accessible bedrooms and an accessible bathroom on the ground floor. Please click here for more information on accessibility.

BOARC is self-catering and is well equipped to cook for large numbers. There is a small corner shop close by and a large 24-hour supermarket within a 20-minute walking distance or 5-minute car ride.

In the main kitchen, mealtimes are often gatherings, with stayers sometimes choosing to cook and eat together. There is also a second, smaller kitchen, which is usually a bit quieter and a pantry space where stayers can keep their food stuff.

Dependents & Pets

Children are welcome at BOARC. However, as this is primarily a work site, guardians must take full responsibility, clean up after themselves and negotiate sharing the space with others. If you have other dependents, please see our access page.

If you want to bring your dog let us know in advance. Unfortunately, we can’t have cats onsite. Due to allergies, only support dogs are permitted in most of the bedrooms. BOARC has one regular canine visitor who is very friendly and in general pretty well behaved. If you are allergic/uncomfortable around dogs, please let us know.

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Booking & Paying********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


Our nightly rate is £30 per person.

If you are able to pay more, or an institution/funding body is paying for your stay, the rate is £40 a night.

If you are experiencing financial hardship we have a subsidised rate of £20 a night. This is to improve access to the space. We have a no questions asked policy but please consider carefully where you sit on this scale. This rate is to support those in real need who could not come otherwise.

We also offer some fee wavered spaces for all of our in-house events. Please get in touch to apply.

For long stays, there are discounted rates.

For 3 week stays there is a 10% discount on all nights.

For four week stays there is a 15% discount on all nights.

For children under 16, the rate is £7.50 per night. Children under 5 go free.

Donations for dogs are appreciated at £5 per night. This doesn’t apply to support dogs.


Our daily rate is £10 per person.

For individuals - we ask that you book in a block of 6 days for £60, to reduce our tiny team’s admin.

For groups – you can book multiple people in for 1 day (or more!). This is often used for away days, rehearsals and working visits.

It’s possible for groups to combine people staying over night and day visitors.

BOARC just needs to know who is on site and when.

To Book

Please email enquiries@bidstonobservatory.org and provide us with your preferred dates, number of people, and a couple sentences of what you’ll be working on.

Please note, when booking we require 48 hours-notice before arrival.