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6–15 September 2018
Wirral Heritage Open Day Tours

The small team running the Artistic Research Centre will be giving bookable tours during Wirral Heritage Open Days, for up to 25 people per tour. The duration of tour is approximately 45 minutes.

In 2019, the team gave nine tours over a three day period.

Please note: these are guided tours. Accessing the whole building includes some uneven floors and many stairs. Unfortunately there is limited disabled access; however for people who use chairs, or have limited mobility, the ground floor is accessible. All bodies are welcome to join.

Day visits for educational groups & organisations:

The Observatory is a resource for group-led (or peer-to-peer) education. Archive collections, gathered objects and histories are seen as part of that resource, and we encourage use, redistribution and co-option. We will be open to school visits, university and para-academic use, and independent study groups. Please note that groups will need to use the Observatory in coordination with other users, and if this is part of an educational program, the program should be self-organised. If you are after something more specific, such as an educational workshop or building tour, we are happy to discuss this with you. Any associated fees will contribute to the running of the project. For any queries, please get in touch.