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26 May 2019



Mushroom tea

Tendrils – Cinema Sleepover Series

About the screenings:

Data Feels is a short trailer on long standing lines of research into health, data flow and capture, by Karisa Senavitis. She guides us in an assemblage of the ghost pipe - an astonishing plant used for medicinal properties - and an online community organised around chronic illness, to speak about complex contingencies of health and multi-species communality.
K. Senavitis, 2019; 6 mins

Story Telling for Earthly Survival is a portrait of the eminent Donna Haraway - a feminist Science & Technologies Professor who has been foundational to understanding ecofeminism in recent years. In this close-up, energetic documentary, film maker Fabrizio Terranova captures Harraway as her enthusiastic and bubbly self - as together they weave a tale for all us critters. Join us for a trans species tale of interaction and kinship.

Fabrizio Terranova, 2016; 1hr 30 mins

Bedtime: Last year while foraging in the local woods, we picked mushrooms and made this into tea, with anti-oxidant properties. Partake with stories about how mushrooms will survive us all.

- come eat / watch / sleep over - pick 'n' choose! -
(please book in advance if you'd like to stay the night)

Screenings > £5
Sleep over + Screening > £15
Dinner > £4