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31 October – 8 November 2020

Sat 31st Oct
Intention day

Live-stream Samhain ritual

Sun 1st Nov
Attention day

Mon 2nd Nov
Rest day

Tues 3rd Nov
Intention day

Weds 4th Nov
Attention day

Thurs 5th Nov
Rest day

Friday 6th Nov
Intention day

Sat 7th Nov
Attention day

Public live-stream

Sun 8th Nov
Rest day

Annual General Exchange 2020 – Provisions

This year, we’ll be running the AGE online, to a rhythm that should nourish rather than deplete energies.

Intention days: Are brief preparations. Send an email, share what you’d like to focus on, collect resources and we’ll quickly schedule the next day

Attention days: Are whole days. We’ll be grouping around the proposed workshops, lectures, cooking and co-study moments. We’ll be basking our practices in focus.

Rest days: Are breaks. Rest, relax, away from the screen.

If you would like to join, please send an email and we’ll give you login details to join online, ask how we can participate together and give more info on timings.