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31 October – 4 November 2018

Weds 31st Oct
Opening channels

Thursday 1st Nov
Wake up call:
Tension Release Exercises

Midday Meet:
Foraging the Forest

Evening Energy:
DOMES radio

Friday 2nd Nov:
Wake up call:
Body Mind Centring

Midday Meet:
Reading/discussion – considering meta-consensus

Evening Energy:
Orgone Cinema

Saturday 3rd Nov:
Wake up call:
Breath workshop

Midday Meet:
Annual General Meeting

Evening Energy:
Plot night & bonfire

Sunday 4th Nov:
Integration day

Annual General Exchange 2018 – Lizards in the system

In the ethos of exchange, and as this is the first AGE, we thought we would instigate a few offerings suggested by the material qualities of the building.

This looks like:

- a daily morning practice,

- an alternative midday meeting

- something that uses the observatory’s resources to bring us together in the evening

Feel free to put forward your own suggestions in advance, or just come ready to play and experiment.

Themes for the days together:

Wednesday: We will welcome each other and the darker half of the year with a collective Samhain ritual. Co-hosted by Mandy from the neighbouring lighthouse (who is also our resident witch).

Thursday: Sensing good vibrations and honouring the gravitational pull between bodies.

Seismographic study began here in 1897. Deep in the subbasement, cut into the bedrock itself, a horizontal pendulum monitored moving tilts in the earths’ surface, resulting from shifting weight of tides on continental plates. This motion was added to by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earths’ liquid mantel.

Friday: Connecting the hemispheres; fluid systems and cellular structures. Looking towards endebtedness, inequality and dark legacies of the observatory’s colonial architecture. In 1866, this was built to be a calibration apparatus, after a discovery that oil viscosity affected the measurement of time. To say that the rest is history would deny ongoing colonial infrastructures. We’d like to grow necessary critiques where time can be reimagined via other routes than hemispheric disconnects.

Saturday: Soft infrastructures. Good things happen in resonance together, a fact often felt here. As example, inaccuracies in earth-tide measurements were accounted for by sight as changes in weather were monitored. The teams hypothesized that as the sun passes over the solidified sandbar the observatory sits on, the ground would expand from its heat first on east and then on the west as the sun set. Let’s celebrate collaborative curiosity that enables micro adjustments and joyful realisations on inevitable blindspots of knowledge.

Sunday: Integration. Whatever embodied practice we fancy? A way of meeting we’ve not yet met? The building was, and is, a machine so there is more to play with…