Poetry, ritual and magical practices have long histories which intertwine. The language or symbols, which call particular existences into being, are treated differently in every time period, some with reverence, some with disrespect: that which names itself as 'spell' changes accordingly.

For this weekend, before the first light of Imbolc, we'll be crafting and casting, sharing meals, sharing poetry and dabbling in visual manifestation practices. Expect crackling bonfires, various workshops, and the weaving of Brigid crosses.

Flowing from 6pm Friday eve, to 3pm Sunday.

The programme will be - as always - punctuated with suggestions, and open for contributions. There are many welcomed forms: workshops, extended conversations, trying out new ideas or working through your practice. If you’d like to propose something, this can be done when you arrive, or drop us a line beforehand.

Days normally run from 10am, stayers are welcome to join all or some of the scheduled events as they wish.

There is a sliding scale of nightly fee:
£35 / £25 / £15 per person, per night, dependent on personal funding and resources. Please self select the rate you'd like to pay.

Rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis, and most rooms are shared.

For those not sleeping over: day user rate is £7.50 per person, per day.

This event is communal cooking rather than self-catering.
Food contribution is £10 per person per day.
Please let us know any dietary requirements when booking.
To book your spot, or for any questions,
please email:

Fri 21st -
6pm: arrivals and orienteering
7pm: dinner
8.30pm: performance by Quieting
Sat 22nd - 
10.30am: shared reading session
11.30am: sigil making workshop
1pm: lunch
3pm: poetry readings + collaborative zine making with Sarah Crewe
7pm: dinner
8pm: bonfire

Sun 23rd - 
10.30am: Somatic Poetry workshop
11.30am: hillside walk + farm visit
1pm: lunch
2pm: Brigid doll/cross weaving