Poetry, ritual and magical practices have long histories which intertwine. The language or symbols, which call particular existences into being, are treated differently in every time period, some with reverence, some with disrespect: that which names itself as 'spell' changes accordingly.

For this weekend, we'll be crafting and casting, looking at somatic poetry, at QEC* and linguistic manifestation practices.

Poets Rebecca Tamas and Racheal Allen will be joining to read a selection of their works.

Rebecca Tamas is co-editor of the anthology Spells: Occult Poetry for the 21st Century (2018). Her latest collection of poems WITCH (2018), is a dark, sexy and earthily fecund grouping of poems as women's narrative histories, and chants.

Racheal Allen's first collection of poetry Kingdomland is an uncanny mass of tarantulas and mimic octopuses which brew with cheap beer and girlhood. Kingdomland was published this year.

*QEC is a therapy which uses intentional language to rewire subconscious thought patterns. More info can be found here.
Friday 6th -
Sunday 8th

Flowing from Friday eve to Sun early afternoon, the weekend looks a little like this:

On Friday evening - communal dinner & Somatic Poetry Workgroup

On Saturday - readings by Rebecca Tamas, Racheal Allen, a QEC* workshop, and then in the evening, there'll be a dinner and a bonfire outside with a ritual/poetry element.

On Sunday Morning - Breath & Vocal workshop, space for readings from participants.

The nightly stay is £15, and the program is free to stayers. For people attending for the day, it's £8 per day.

Food is £10 per day for all meals (excluding wine). Please bring cash.
Practicalities & Participation:
- The weekend starts at 7pm on Friday, and ends at 2pm on Sunday.

- We keep programs loose because the Centre is imagined as a place for co-research, independent study and communal practices: participants often offer their own different forms of engagement.

- Days normally run from 10am, stayers are welcome to join all or some of the scheduled events as they wish.

- It is possible to book for more nights than this event
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