We are looking forwards to opening the doors during our Annual General Exchange, and welcoming those who aren’t staying over at The Observatory during this period.

Expanding from the focus this year, of looking at magic as a form of therapy and a way of addressing structural inequality, there will be workshops and activities woven throughout the day.

You are warmly invited to come along, and this is the schedule should you wish to join:
10:30 - Greetings

11:00 - Liberated Bodies, Bodies in Struggle
Ibrahim Khayar
Engaging the psychiatrist, activist and political philosopher Franz Fanon’s writing, Ibrahim will work with Fanon’s revolt at those “who want to make a machine out of man” in both a neuroscientific and economic manner. This will be a workshop articulated around three movie themes – Get Out, The Battle of Algiers and the documentary Behind the Fronts, interspersing sections of Fanon’s texts. Ibrahim is an activist and doctor now specializing in psychiatry in a hospital in Belgium.

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Technic & Magic
Federico Campagna
Starting with his latest book, Technic & Magic, Federico will present on origin narratives which set up different reality systems. The version of reality that is proposed by Technic gives primacy to absolute language and the existence of things becomes solely dependent on linguistic categories. Technic then decrees that if you fall outside of linguistic categories (not female, not trans, not male, not European, no passport, no papers), you become extinct before you die. Magic, on the other hand, is that which cannot be included in language, the ineffable. It is the shadow side of Technic, and takes a different form in each society. What is the existential and ontological impact of magic, that allows for vanishing, for occultism for initiation and secrecy: for creating space within & without one’s own historical time? Federico is an Italian philosopher based in London.

17:00 - You are that technology: A trauma informed toolkit for collective transformation
Fiona James
This initial workshop presentation will focusing on the sharing and development of a set of tools, thoughts and practices aimed at supporting self-organising groups in structuring accountability process. Addressing the neuroscience behind human behaviours and more specifically the impact individual and collective trauma has on our ability to relate, it will consider the gestures and assertions needed in moving towards a mutual understanding of our innate capacities to transform and collectively evolve. Fiona is a Certified TRE and QEC Practioner, IFS Practitioner and Trauma Specialist.

20:00 – Dinner

21:00 – Domes FM live broadcast in the basement space, with a cocktail of composting collections.

Participation for the day on Saturday is £5.

There will also be the chance to join for lunch & dinner. If you would like to take up this option, the two meals are £8, however we would need to know in advance.

Although sleeping accommodation for the AGE is now over-subscribed at the weekend, if you are in the local area and would still like to participate for more days of the AGE, please do get in touch:


Our Annual General Meeting, addressing the running of The Artistic Research Centre, will take place on Sunday 3rd November, at 14:30. Interested parties are welcome to register at the email address.
Annual General Exchange Offerings Day
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